Louise Payne is an indie Author and mother of 3 who specialises in Street Fiction and Urban Novels.

Known for her vivid imagination and seductive development, penning novels for her is just a walk in the park, and her goal to spread her wings as a notable author is setting a trend overseas. She is 31, and currently resides in East London where she pulls inspiration from her home town. 

She writes about urban culture, corruption, sexuality, relationships and family secrets. Many of which she has witnessed first-hand living in her community in Hackney. 


Street Literature Ltd is the publisher of Street Literature Books, and Street Literature Inc is an Indie Bookstore, located in East London.



The publishing group, which has already published multiple manuscripts and handled the works of 3 authors, is assisting indie authors at all levels in the publishing industry. We offer young, talented and inspiring writers who are passionate about their work an affordable platform to publish and/or promote their work.

Street Literature Inc, was open from March-October 2016. It was a small unit that served as an extension of thepublishing company, but it was a huge opportunity for those indie authors -who still live for the paperback book to get their work directly into the hands of local intrested readers.

On her literacy journey Louise has found that many indie authors still find it impossible to see their titles stocked in mainstream bookstores, even more so with independently owned book shops falling victim to the ebook epidemic and closing down.

Let’s be honest, publishing at any level is hard. That’s why Louise makes it a point to support authors who support themselves. 

"It’s usually the readers that keeps us going when we feel like giving up. In my case that’s partially true, but it’s been my growing network of indie authors that’s kept my doors open to the public, shelves stocked with books and most importantly allowed me to pitch at events and bring awareness to the indie book world."